Equipping Studies

On Sunday evenings at 6:00PM, we have a variety of different activities through the year. For most of the year, we meet in small group studies called Equipping Studies on a variety of biblical topics. During this time we have a nursery for younger children and children's choirs for our preschool and elementary aged children.

Our Winter 2022 Equipping Studies is scheduled for February 6 - March 27.


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The pandemic has brought the prevalence of depression and anxiety to the surface. Though they may feel guilty talking about it, Christians are not immune. In this study, Keven and DeAnna will explore the basics of faith and help you figure out how to recapture joy when you’re not sure how or where to begin. (Note: This study is not a substitute for counseling or therapy. If you are in need of either, your pastors can connect you to professionals who can help.)

Cost -TBD

Facilitator - Keven and DeAnna Newsome

Unleashed For the Gospel

The gospel fuels the Church—without it we have no purpose, no vision, and no mission. Salvation through Jesus is the very reason the Church exists. But we often let the truths of the gospel grow stale in our hearts. What would it look like for Christ to refresh us and unleash us for the gospel?

RightNow Video Study

Cost - Free

Facilitator - TBD

Biblical stewardship

Many people are experiencing financial challenges. But did you know that the Bible contains 2,350 verses dealing with money? In this study, you will be encouraged and challenged as you learn and apply what scripture teaches about your finances. From budgeting and tithing to estate planning, this study has something for all ages.

Cost - Free

Facilitator - Robert Adams

Critically Engaging with culture

Thinking critically is a lost skill in the world. As Christians, we need to engage culture and post-modern thought critically if we are to make a difference. In this study, Pastor Craig will help you learn how to engage critically with topics such as secularism, sexuality, critical race theory, and objective truth.

Cost - TBD

Facilitators - Craig Thompson

Fight the good fight

Growth in our holiness happens through the transformational grace of Jesus Christ. In 1 Timothy, Paul calls believers to holy living and obedience with the message of the gospel. It is only in the remembrance of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection that our hearts and actions can truly be transformed.

An Inductive Study of 1 Timothy

Cost- TBD

Facilitator - Tom and Cheri Austin

Your teenager is not crazy

Struggling to understand your teens' ups and downs? Pairing the latest brain research with scriptural principles, this study will walk you through the radical physical remodeling of the adolescent brain to help you guide your children in developing creativity, individuality, and self-awareness.

Cost- $11 Paperback (Optional)

Facilitator - Adam and Betsy Whiteside