LifeGroup Ministry

Our LifeGroups are the main discipleship ministry of our church where our people gather together to study Scripture and apply it to their lives. We call these small discipleship groups LifeGroups as a reminder of what we are seeking to accomplish as disciples of Jesus Christ:

  • Learning and applying God's Word
  • Investing in others for evangelism
  • Fellowshipping that results in care and accountability
  • Engaging in service with our church family

LifeGroups meet on Sunday mornings at 9:15 AM. If you would like to get involved in a LifeGroup, please contact Keven Newsome our Discipleship Pastor.

Adult LifeGroups

Our adult LifeGroups meet at 9:15AM and most of their meeting rooms are located in the gym. There are signs outside each of the LifeGroup rooms to help you find your way. Also, any of our greeters or pastors would be more than happy to help you find your way. Here are the adult LifeGroups that we offer as well as their general age range and make-up:

Brian Garbade's LifeGroup (Co-ed 25-55; Room 204)

Mike Barwick's LifeGroup (Co-ed 25-55; Room 211)
Chestnut/Hayes LifeGroup (Co-ed 25-55; Room 106)

College and Careers LifeGroup (Co-ed College Students and Young Professionals)

Jay Colvin's LifeGroup (Co-ed 18-55; Room 212)

Ricky Ham's LifeGroup (Co-ed 25-55; Library)

Robert Adams' LifeGroup (Co-ed 25-55; Room 201)
Tate Williamson's Lifegroup (Co-ed 25-55; Room 102)
55+ LifeGroup (Co-ed 55+; Fellowship Hall)
Men's LifeGroup (Men 25+; Room 105)

Fellowship LifeGroup (Women 40+; Room 108)

Lillian Hawkins / Dorcas LifeGroup (Co-ed 40+; Conference Room)

Dillon Young's LifeGroup (Co-ed 25-55; Room  103)

Children's LIfeGroups

All of our Children's LifeGroups meet in the Children's Building on Sunday mornings at 9:15AM. This building is located to the left of our former sanctuary as viewed from the street. To access the building during our renovations, you can enter it from the church office hallway via the outdoor breezeway. We have six children's LifeGroups that meet on Sunday mornings:

Nursery (Babies) LifeGroup (Room 110)
15-months to 2-year-olds LifeGroup (Room 107)
3 and 4-year-olds LifeGroup (Room 105)
5k and 1st grade LifeGroup (Room 108)
2nd and 3rd grade LifeGroup (Room 103)
4th and 5th grade LifeGroup (Room 102)

Student LifeGroups

Our students meet in the Youth Room at 9:15AM for their LifeGroups. The Youth Room is located above the Fellowship Hall in the gym. You can access it by taking the interior stairs on the left side of the building. After a time for announcements, the students then break up into their two LifeGroups:

Student Girls' LifeGroup (Youth Room)

Teacher:  Ashely Dowey

Student Guys' LifeGroup (Room 207)

Teacher: Adam Whiteside