Part of the mission statement of Malvern Hill is "Change the world." Our church takes the Great Commission of Matthew 28:16-20 and the Acts 1:8 mission mandate seriously. We are actively seeking to find ways to impact our community, state, nation, and the world through mission efforts. On this page, you can find information on the current mission efforts of our church.

For more information on how to get involved in the mission activities of Malvern Hill, contact Adam Whiteside, our Pastor of Students and Missions.

For information on how you can financially support the mission efforts of Malvern Hill Baptist church, 

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Cleveland, TN Mission trip

Making a difference together!

June 19-24

Cleveland, TN

This Summer, Malvern Hill will join together with Ocoee Outreach to share the love of Jesus Christ by Restoring HomesRenewing Hope, and Reaching Hearts. During this summer trip, mission team members will have the opportunity to share Christ's Love in the following ways:

  • Home Repair: roofing, wheelchair ramps, painting, and other light construction
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Neighborhood block parties, evangelism, and ministry opportunities
  • Meal preparation

Mission team members will also experience:

  • Missions opportunities
  • Worship and celebration
  • Growth with church family

Please be in prayer that God will provide encouragement to the mission team members and that He would help them remain faithful with the things He's entrusted to them. Pray that they will set examples in speech, life, love, and faith. 

Latvia missions

The Tolbert family has answered the call to "GO" and serve as missionaries to Latvia through the International Mission Board since 2017. They continue to serve faithfully there, and it is the desire of our church to support them with a mission team this summer. Of course, world events could complicate any plans, but we will make every effort to send a small team to Riga, Latvia this summer to help facilitate a Bible School, minister to the Tolberts, and perhaps even aid in ministry to refugees displaced by the invasion of Ukraine.

Please be in prayer for our missionaries in Latvia and for our efforts to make a mission trip to Latvia a reality. Here are specific ways you can pray for the Tolberts, for Latvia, and for our upcoming mission trip.

  1. Pray for incoming refugees from Ukraine. There are estimates that around 5,000,000 Ukrainians are going to flee their homes and come westward in Europe. The Latvian Baptist Union is preparing to send a bus to pick up a load of refugees and bring them to Latvia. Through your Cooperative Program donations and gifts to Send Relief, the Tolberts have already purchased around $1,200 in grocery store gift cards to give to these new arrivals. In the coming days and weeks, the International Mission Board will be coordinating with Send Relief to grow this program to meet the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of these refugees.
  2. There is also a lot of concern among the Latvian people. Pray for the organizing of prayer services and counseling to people who might desire it. Please pray that during this crisis, people will find true spiritual peace.
  3. Pray for the people of Latvia to be open to the gospel.
  4. Pray that God would open doors for a mission team from Malvern Hill to be able to go and serve along with our IMB mission partners in Latvia.

You can follow the journey of the Tolbert family by subscribing to their blog thetolbertfamily.com and you can communicate with them via email at prayer@thetolbertfamily.com.

Malvern Hill joyfully supports this family as their sending church. Please join us in supporting them with your prayers and check back here frequently for updates on other ways you can support them.



Edinburgh, Scotland

For more than a decade now, Malvern Hill has maintained a partnership with the Heralds Trust ministry in Edinburgh, Scotland. Through that partnership, more than twenty people from our church have traveled to Scotland to serve with the Heralds Trust.

The Heralds Trust began in the 1950s with a group of young Christians who formed a band to play Christian music. Since that time, the Heralds Trust has spend most of its ministry as a proclamation evangelism ministry focused on street evangelism, crusades, and evangelism training. In recent years, the Heralds Trust has also begun to focus attention on church planting and discipleship.

Scotland has its Christian roots in the medieval church from over a thousand years ago. Protestant Christianity was purchased by many martyrs and has been a rich part of Scotland’s history for over five hundred years. Scotland has produced some of the greatest evangelists, preachers, and missionaries in church history, such as John Knox, Thomas Chalmers, David Livingston, David Nasmith, Robert Pinkerton, and Thomas Barclay. Today, Scotland has lost its Christian roots and some churches have not seen a salvation in over a decade. Fifty-five percent of Scotland claim to either be atheist or non-religious. Less than one percent claim to be Christian. By these standards, the people of Scotland might be considered an unreached people group.

Recent proposed legislation might soon make it illegal for hate crimes against protected groups, including race, religion, sexual orientation, and transgender identity. By the definitions of this legislation, Christian evangelism would become illegal.

We are hopeful that a trip to Scotland will be a reality in the near future. A mission trip to Scotland could include: evangelism training, street evangelism in Edinburgh, church strengthening at a church plant, ministry in a local school or youth center, tours of Edinburgh, neighborhood canvasing, and/or prayer walking.

Whether you participate in a Scotland mission trip or not, we encourage you to pray for Scotland and the Heralds Trust.



Kobe, Japan

This summer, the International Mission Board (IMB) is sponsoring a team of short-term missionaries to Kobe, Japan. Two of our young people have joined the team and are looking forward to this mission experience. These are Aron Newsome, son of Keven and DeAnna Newsome; and Bella Hendrix, daughter of Travis and Erica Hendrix.

During this summer trip, mission team members will support and supplement IMB Kobe field missionaries mainly through Entry and Evangelism functions. This includes 5-minute conversations on the streets inviting people to language cafes (English conversation and discussion) or international party events. This will occur both in the downtown/east side of the Kobe, and in the west part of the city, "Gakuentoshi" or "College Town," where there are several universities clustered together. At these events, they plant Gospel seeds, with the intention of having spiritual conversations to discern who has interest in the Gospel. Field missionaries actively pursue those promising relationships through further events and private conversations. Those who trust Christ, are discipled and plugged into local churches for further discipleship. The IMB Kobe field team's vision statement is simply to 'reach next generation Japanese.' As it is, college students are some of the most open to receiving the Gospel, given the proper context and time invested into relationship.

The summer team will also join with the Kobe field team by prayer-walking various areas of the city, knowing that prayer is their most powerful weapon and that through prayer God lays the foundation for personal interactions.

Finally, summer team members may have the opportunity to help local partner churches with outreach efforts or other needs, time permitting.

Aron and Bella have begun raising funds for this opportunity. If you feel led to help them reach Kobe, Japan, you can donate to the church and designate to the Japan mission trip, or give online through our Go||Support page. These two young members of our church are excited and looking forward to representing God and our church in Japan.


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Local and State Missions

Malvern Hill Baptist Church is also engaged in a variety of local and state mission endeavors. 

  • Women's Missionary Union (WMU): multiple ongoing projects throughout the year including prisoner packets and ministry health kits
  • Nursing Home Ministry: ministry to residents of our local nursing homes
  • Sacks of Love: Provides weekend meals to local students in need
  • Other opportunities: There are also members of our congregation involved in prison ministries, Gideon ministries, construction ministries through the Kershaw Baptist Association, and more.  

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For information on how you can financially support the mission efforts of Malvern Hill Baptist church, 

please check out our Go||Support page.