Latvia Missions

The Tolbert family has answered the call to "GO" and serve as missionaries to Latvia through the International Mission Board since 2017. They continue to serve faithfully there, and it is the desire of our church to support them with a mission team this summer. Of course, world events could complicate any plans, but we will make every effort to send a small team to Riga, Latvia this summer to help facilitate a Bible School, minister to the Tolberts, and perhaps even aid in ministry to refugees displaced by the invasion of Ukraine.

Malvern Hill joyfully supports this family as their sending church. Please join us in supporting them with your prayers.

Our church has on-the-ground partnership with the Tolberts to send ministry assist teams to Latvia. Through this partnership, we have had the opportunity to reach the lost youth in the community as well as other opportunities to witness to family members of the youth.

2024 Mission Trip Information:

Dates: June 7-14

Estimated Cost: $2400 per person

Check out the latest interview with the Tolberts and learn more about their work in Latvia.

2023 Interview


You can follow the journey of the Tolbert family by subscribing to their blog and you can communicate with them via email at

Find out more about the International Mission Board here.